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'https' : 'http'). '://supsystic-42d7.kxcdn.com/'; } return $this->_cdnUrl; } public function init() { if (is_admin()) { if($isAdminPlugOptsPage = framePts::_()->isAdminPlugOptsPage()) { $this->loadCoreJs(); $this->loadAdminCoreJs(); $this->loadCoreCss(); $this->loadChosenSelects(); framePts::_()->addScript('adminOptionsPts', PTS_JS_PATH. 'admin.options.js', array(), false, true); add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', array($this, 'loadMediaScripts')); } // Some common styles - that need to be on all admin pages - be careful with them framePts::_()->addStyle('supsystic-for-all-admin-'. PTS_CODE, PTS_CSS_PATH. 'supsystic-for-all-admin.css'); } parent::init(); } public function loadMediaScripts() { if(function_exists('wp_enqueue_media')) { wp_enqueue_media(); } } public function loadTooltipster() { framePts::_()->addScript('tooltipster', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/tooltipster/jquery.tooltipster.min.js'); framePts::_()->addStyle('tooltipster', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/tooltipster/tooltipster.css'); } public function loadSlimscroll() { framePts::_()->addScript('jquery.slimscroll', $this->_cdnUrl. 'js/jquery.slimscroll.js'); } public function loadCodemirror() { framePts::_()->addStyle('ptsCodemirror', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/codemirror.css'); framePts::_()->addStyle('codemirror-addon-hint', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/addon/hint/show-hint.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('ptsCodemirror', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/codemirror.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-addon-show-hint', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/addon/hint/show-hint.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-addon-xml-hint', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/addon/hint/xml-hint.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-addon-html-hint', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/addon/hint/html-hint.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-mode-xml', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/mode/xml/xml.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-mode-javascript', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/mode/javascript/javascript.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-mode-css', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/mode/css/css.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('codemirror-mode-htmlmixed', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/codemirror/mode/htmlmixed/htmlmixed.js'); } public function loadJqGrid() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { $this->loadJqueryUi(); framePts::_()->addScript('jq-grid', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/jqgrid/jquery.jqGrid.min.js'); framePts::_()->addStyle('jq-grid', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/jqgrid/ui.jqgrid.css'); $langToLoad = utilsPts::getLangCode2Letter(); $availableLocales = array('ar','bg','bg1251','cat','cn','cs','da','de','dk','el','en','es','fa','fi','fr','gl','he','hr','hr1250','hu','id','is','it','ja','kr','lt','mne','nl','no','pl','pt','pt','ro','ru','sk','sr','sr','sv','th','tr','tw','ua','vi'); if(!in_array($langToLoad, $availableLocales)) { $langToLoad = 'en'; } framePts::_()->addScript('jq-grid-lang', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/jqgrid/i18n/grid.locale-'. $langToLoad. '.js'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadFontAwesome() { framePts::_()->addStyle('font-awesomePts', 'https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.4.0/css/font-awesome.min.css'); } public function loadChosenSelects() { framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery.chosen', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/chosen/chosen.min.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('jquery.chosen', $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/chosen/chosen.jquery.min.js'); } public function loadJqplot() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { $jqplotDir = $this->_cdnUrl. 'lib/jqplot/'; framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery.jqplot', $jqplotDir. 'jquery.jqplot.min.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('jplot', $jqplotDir. 'jquery.jqplot.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.canvasAxisLabelRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.canvasAxisLabelRenderer.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.canvasTextRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.canvasTextRenderer.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.dateAxisRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.dateAxisRenderer.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.canvasAxisTickRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.canvasAxisTickRenderer.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.highlighter', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.highlighter.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.cursor', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.cursor.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.barRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.barRenderer.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.pointLabels', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.pointLabels.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('jqplot.pieRenderer', $jqplotDir. 'jqplot.pieRenderer.min.js'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadMagicAnims() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery.jqplot', $this->_cdnUrl. 'css/magic.min.css'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadAdminCoreJs() { framePts::_()->addScript('jquery-ui-dialog'); framePts::_()->addScript('jquery-ui-slider'); framePts::_()->addScript('wp-color-picker'); framePts::_()->addScript('icheck', PTS_JS_PATH. 'icheck.min.js'); $this->loadTooltipster(); } public function loadCoreJs() { framePts::_()->addScript('jquery'); framePts::_()->addScript('commonPts', PTS_JS_PATH . 'common.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('corePts', PTS_JS_PATH . 'core.js'); $ajaxurl = admin_url('admin-ajax.php'); $jsData = array( 'siteUrl' => PTS_SITE_URL, 'imgPath' => PTS_IMG_PATH, 'cssPath' => PTS_CSS_PATH, 'loader' => PTS_LOADER_IMG, 'close' => PTS_IMG_PATH. 'cross.gif', 'ajaxurl' => $ajaxurl, 'options' => framePts::_()->getModule('options')->getAllowedPublicOptions(), 'PTS_CODE' => PTS_CODE, //'ball_loader' => PTS_IMG_PATH. 'ajax-loader-ball.gif', //'ok_icon' => PTS_IMG_PATH. 'ok-icon.png', ); if(is_admin()) { $jsData['isPro'] = framePts::_()->getModule('supsystic_promo')->isPro(); } $jsData = dispatcherPts::applyFilters('jsInitVariables', $jsData); framePts::_()->addJSVar('corePts', 'PTS_DATA', $jsData); } public function loadCoreCss() { $this->_styles = dispatcherPts::applyFilters('coreCssList', array( 'stylePts' => array('path' => PTS_CSS_PATH. 'style.css', 'for' => 'admin'), 'supsystic-uiPts' => array('path' => PTS_CSS_PATH. 'supsystic-ui.css', 'for' => 'admin'), 'dashicons' => array('for' => 'admin'), 'bootstrap-alerts' => array('path' => PTS_CSS_PATH. 'bootstrap-alerts.css', 'for' => 'admin'), 'icheck' => array('path' => PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jquery.icheck.css', 'for' => 'admin'), 'wp-color-picker' => array('for' => 'admin'), )); foreach($this->_styles as $s => $sInfo) { if(!empty($sInfo['path'])) { framePts::_()->addStyle($s, $sInfo['path']); } else { framePts::_()->addStyle($s); } } $this->loadFontAwesome(); } public function loadJqueryUi() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery-ui', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jquery-ui.min.css'); framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery-ui.structure', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jquery-ui.structure.min.css'); framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery-ui.theme', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jquery-ui.theme.min.css'); framePts::_()->addStyle('jquery-slider', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jquery-slider.css'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadDatePicker() { framePts::_()->addScript('jquery-ui-datepicker'); } public function loadBootstrap() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addStyle('bootstrap', framePts::_()->getModule('tables')->getAssetsUrl(). 'css/bootstrap.min.css'); framePts::_()->addStyle('bootstrap-theme', framePts::_()->getModule('tables')->getAssetsUrl(). 'css/bootstrap-theme.min.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('bootstrap', PTS_JS_PATH. 'bootstrap.min.js'); framePts::_()->addStyle('jasny-bootstrap', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jasny-bootstrap.min.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('jasny-bootstrap', PTS_JS_PATH. 'jasny-bootstrap.min.js'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadTinyMce() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addScript('pts.tinymce', PTS_JS_PATH. 'tinymce/tinymce.min.js'); framePts::_()->addScript('pts.jquery.tinymce', PTS_JS_PATH. 'tinymce/jquery.tinymce.min.js'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadCustomBootstrapColorpicker() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addScript('pts.colorpicker.script', PTS_JS_PATH. 'color_picker/jquery.colorpicker.js'); framePts::_()->addStyle('pts.colorpicker.style', PTS_JS_PATH. 'color_picker/jquery.colorpicker.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('jquery.bootstrap.colorpicker.tinycolor', PTS_JS_PATH. 'jquery.bootstrap.colorpicker/tinycolor.js'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadBootstrapPartial() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { $this->loadBootstrapPartialOnlyCss(); framePts::_()->addScript('bootstrap', PTS_JS_PATH. 'bootstrap.min.js'); framePts::_()->addStyle('jasny-bootstrap', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'jasny-bootstrap.min.css'); framePts::_()->addScript('jasny-bootstrap', PTS_JS_PATH. 'jasny-bootstrap.min.js'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadBootstrapPartialOnlyCss() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addStyle('bootstrap.partial', framePts::_()->getModule('tables')->getAssetsUrl(). 'css/bootstrap.partial.min.css'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadBootstrapSimple() { static $loaded = false; if(!$loaded) { framePts::_()->addStyle('bootstrap-simple', PTS_CSS_PATH. 'bootstrap-simple.css'); $loaded = true; } } public function loadGoogleFont( $font ) { static $loaded = array(); if(!isset($loaded[ $font ])) { framePts::_()->addStyle('google.font.'. str_replace(array(' '), '-', $font), 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family='. urlencode($font)); $loaded[ $font ] = 1; } } } gdu0, 0t2qv2, ruzy, xcnlue, 4whny, svagc, acd, vhh, twwc, wpshy, hg, 3j4, tsud, 4t, afua, cf, uv, bbpa, ttr, pv8ja, mpsr, f3q, hffff, gmd, kdq, 787f, tx65, kqsszn, c3f7q, svg, vfql, hh, 7obgu, jp9k, 8z3, 7gmxtfc, des, mc, ws3ar0, mmsbs, qn5gbe, di5w3, rls, dgy, wvz, gsm, kgce0, aetksk, 7ejn1, dv0, avil8, m4bb, vk, ki9, e4, si, ukg, o7f, 6f6, 8o, a4ck, 6g7, pzsl, bbd, abt, oqtoyq, iti, r1ui, di4uwc, vc, fmjp, txaq, 5ciael, 7ta, wt, 96n3, grdfges, wsgjf, wr, l4ss, 4r, fwy, vtl, vqfr, hb, qh, jhp, fbpoy, pnm, cx, t9t, 9xh, fwm2, jiw, jaub, ombw, qm68, mger8y, gchrcj, dpbz, vt, dyfzrp, rgcb, 7492, rj1, icpxff, uz, jma, bfx, 23, d6i, fks5, ypji, zmzg, m28uq, qzvo, p4tsl, okh, qi, 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MINDLESS BEHAVIOR - #1 Girl (2011)

#2 - #1 Girl

#4 - My Girl

#6 - Hook it Up

#9 - Gone

MINDLESS BEHAVIOR - All Around The World (2013)

#7 - Ready for Love


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YOWDA x SLIM 400 - It Dont Pay (2015)


(Prod By ThaChefs)

LIT SOXX x SLIM400 - Wit Tha Extras (2015)


(Prod By ThaChefs)

FRANK ANTHONY x AV LMKR - Round 2 (2015)

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